Brief bio about who I am . I was first around tattoos in Iowa City, IA when my long time friends, Chad Hartgrave (who tattoos in San Diego, CA) and Jeff Cornell (who tattoos in Seattle, WA) introduced me to Kris Evans of Endorphinden Tattoo. I didn’t actually get tattooed until I moved to Seattle in ’92 and had my first one done with my roommate for his birthday at Seattle Tattoo Emporium.

While traveling around, I met some of the staff of 21st Century in Portland, Or. They had a counter position open up and they called me to come and work for them.

I started my formal tattoo apprenticeship with Lyon King and Mad Marcii in Feb. 2000. I’m thankful for being taught in a professional manner that showed me not only how to tattoo, but all of the technical skills such as machine building,
the chemistry of pigments, and tons of history and ethics essential to a professional tattooist.

I’ve been professionally licensed by the State of Oregon since July 2001 and opened up Lady Luck with Marcii in the fall of 2002.

Thanks for lookin’ at my page.
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